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Crafted with genuine yellow tiger eye stones and shimmering silver obsidian, this bracelet showcases a striking combination of colors and textures.

Yellow tiger eye stones are renowned for their mesmerizing golden-brown hues and chatoyant bands that resemble the eye of a tiger, adding a touch of boldness and confidence to any ensemble. These stones are believed to impart courage, protection, and clear thinking, making them an ideal choice for those seeking to channel inner strength and resilience.

Complementing the tiger eye stones are silver obsidian beads, which boast a sleek black color with subtle silver sheen. Silver obsidian is revered for its grounding properties, helping to shield against negativity and promote balance and stability in both mind and spirit.

Together, the harmonious blend of yellow tiger eye stones and silver obsidian creates a bracelet that not only enhances your aesthetic appeal but also serves as a talisman for empowerment and protection. Wear this bracelet as a daily reminder to embrace your inner strength, stay grounded in the present moment, and navigate life's challenges with grace and confidence.

Guardian Glow Tiger's Eye Obsidian

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  • Tiger's Eye is revered as a sacred stone by Indians, as its vibrant energy, akin to that of a tiger's eye, facilitates breakthroughs in careers, fosters self-discipline, relieves stress, and achieves goals, leading to a happy and fulfilling life. The flowing tiger's eye radiates a glow of wealth, possessing strong vitality and effectiveness in attracting wealth and warding off evil. It's considered a sacred stone by Indians, imbuing individuals with its dynamic energy, making it easier to excel in careers, practice self-discipline, manage stress, and achieve goals, leading to a life of happiness and joy.

    Yellow Tiger's Eye can prevent the onset of depression and psychosomatic illnesses, while also igniting courage. It instills perseverance in tasks and principles in character. Additionally, it enhances physical vitality, making it suitable for those who are frail or recovering from illness. It brings confidence, particularly to individuals lacking in decisiveness, encouraging pursuit of creativity, calmness, and balance. Traditionally, it is believed to treat ailments of the lower limbs and eye disorders.

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