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The Nine-Tailed Fox Gold Foil and Glass Bracelet is a remarkable creation, crafted from a unique blend of pinkie glass infused with sacred incense ash and embellished with radiant golden foil. This fusion of materials yields a mesmerizing piece that seamlessly marries the ethereal qualities of glass with the spiritual essence of incense ash.


Symbolizing the mythical nine-tailed fox, revered for its mystic powers, this bracelet embodies the transformative energies of longevity, wisdom, and prosperity. The infusion of incense ash adds a sacred dimension, imbuing the bracelet with blessings of protection and abundance.


Adorning yourself with this exquisite bracelet invites the powerful energies of wealth and love into your life. Let its radiant glow serve as a beacon of hope and prosperity, guiding you towards fulfillment and success in all endeavors.



Golden Fox Prosperity Charm Bracelet

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  • Sandalwood and Lapis Lazuli bracelets are commonly used as spiritual tools, aiding individuals in establishing connections with the universe, their inner souls, and the divine. They are seen as a medium to facilitate meditation and spiritual practices.

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